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GMR Powerchock System

Integrated safety sequence with alarm, safer with driver’s involvement.

GMR PowerChock System Gmr Powerchock System
GMR Powerchock System

Why is POWERCHOCK your most effective solution?
An innovative use of simple physics!

POWERCHOCK uses a patented combination of a chock and a restraining plate to immobilize the wheel, the strongest part of any vehicle.

In the event of an unanticipated departure, the tire wedges into the chock. This patented action greatly increases its retaining capacity.

POWERCHOCK withstands up to 50,000 lbs of pull-away force with its high-tensile steel and multi-point contact restraining system.

Why Is It Critical to Secure Loading Dock Operations?

The loading dock is the most dangerous area of warehousing operations. Each year, many injuries and fatalities occur when lift trucks accidentally drive off the dock or fall between the dock and the trailer. The POWERCHOCK and its communication system prevents these accidents by ensuring that a secure loading/unloading space is created when the vehicle meets the docking bay – keeping workers, facility equipment and cargo safe.

The Powerchock Audio/Visual Communication System

Control Features

  • Simple and powerful communication system.
  • Green/red traffic lights and alarm.
  • Interfaced with the door and the leveler controls.
  • Custom programmable control with self-checking electrical components.

Other Features

  • Integrated safety sequence with alarm, safer with driver’s involvement.
  • Best value, lowest total cost of ownership.
  • Simple, intuitive and engineered to last.
  • Door control – monitoring the door opening in the safety process (powered or manual doors).
  • No downtime: virtually maintenance free.
  • No moving parts on the chock or ground plate.
  • No lubrication required.

Video of Powerchock in action

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